Foster Youth “Aging Out”

Foster Youth “Aging Out”

A Message from Billy Boylan:

“Aging out is when a foster child or child in the government system turns 18. Then they are thrown out into the world, with little or no real knowledge of how to be an Adult.

As I myself have experienced. Aging out of foster care, or Government aid can and will affect those who have to go through the challenging door. Most foster care Youth who turn 18 end up on the streets. With little to no family support, or a financial means. 90% of them don’t even know how to balance a check book, let alone know how important a credit score will be in the future. I had to learn the hard way. With a credit score of below 530, and more scars on my heart then you can imagine. I suffered through life. Disconnected, never letting others close, and always on the run. I thought I could take care of myself. Even convinced myself that I didn’t need anyone. Losing both Parents at such a young age, I guarded my heart. Never allowed myself to be successful, and ultimately making all the wrong choices. Now that I can say I’ve “Learned” the hard way. I don’t want to see the Youth of this Nation doing it the same way. So lets bring awareness to this flaw in the system, that most often gets over looked.

My goal is to raise support and awareness for those on the brink of aging out. To inform them of what the real world has to offer. To educate the Youth, on finances, health, education, and the overall well being to be successful!!

Instead of Aging Out, lets Help Out” – Billy



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